• TotallyLogical

    I am glad to annouce that I am the new admin of Last Man Standing Wiki. I acedently created another wiki, and when I found this one I adopted it and merged the two communitys together. I would also like to let you know of a few updates I have made.

    1. Design: You may have noticed I changed the wiki for a brown header, to a green header, changed the links from green to blue, and added a larger logo, wordmark, and got a better background to go with it all.
    2. TV Footers: I have removed to ABC footer from the home page and replaced it with the FOX footer. The comody show footers will remain on the page.
    3. Wiki Policy: I created a Wiki Policy so there are set rules in place for this wiki. My goal is to keep the community growing and thriving for many yea…
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  • TotallyLogical


    Welcome to Last Man Standing Wiki! I recently created a new wiki about Last Man Standing, not realizing there was already one. Now to merge efforts in the same direction, I have decided to merge the two communitys! I am also hoping to adopt this wiki, if it's alright with all of you. I have not yet made all the plans for the adoption but here's what I have.

    UPDATE: I am not sure as of yet which wiki will be closing, and which will remain up. I will let you all know soon.

    • I will be redisinging the wiki, possibly evan a new URL, maybe.
    • I will be adding new pages, and edtiting greatly.

    I can't wait to get started and I hope to grow this community to it's max!

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