May 10th, 2017, ABC canceled Last Man Standing after 6 seasons, blindsiding fans. The sixth season made the comedy ABC's second highest rated sitcom on the network. ABC claimed there contract with 20th Century FOX was over and ABC was not willing to cover production cost. According to Deadline, Last Man Standing was on the higher end for production cost.

Cast/Fan Reactions 

Fans Revolted via Social Media even Leading Least Man Standing Star, Tim Allen took to Twitter stating;

"Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years. #lastmanstanding"

A Petition on the site (Petition Here) was created in an effort to save the show. As of the petitions, close it had almost 500,000 supporters.

Other Networks

Other networks such as 20th century FOX reportedly showed some interest in picking the show up. "We're starting to explore that", he stated. 20th Century Fox shopped the show around in hopes of getting it picked back up. A year Later FOX picked the show up for its seventh season.

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