Kristin Beth Baxter (Born February 13, 1988) is Mike's eldest daughter.

She was pregnant with her son Boyd during her high school senior year and the two of them lived in the Baxter's home. She worked at a diner and was sometimes seen wearing her waitress uniform.

She later got a job at a high-end restaurant run by a close friend John Baker and worked her way up to management. She was played by Alexandra Krosney in season one and was replaced by Amanda Fuller in the second season due to the creative reasons of the show wanting to progress the story-line, thus the age difference between Krosney and Fuller.

At the end of Season 2, Kristin and Boyd move out of the apartment and into an apartment in Denver with Ryan. As of the end of season 3 she is engaged to Ryan. They are eventually married and have another child.

(S1-21 years old. Age jumped 3 years in S2, along with son Boyd and Ryan)

(In Season 1 she is 21 years old, in Season 2 her age is advanced three years, along with Boyd's and Ryans.)

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