Amanda Elaine "Mandy" Baxter-Anderson (born 1994) is the second oldest daughter of Vanessa and Mike Baxter. Mandy is very much into fashion and is not as scholarly as her sisters, but excels in social situations. She dreams of appearing in reality television.

She attends UC Denver, and is majoring in Fashion and Minoring in Latin. She created her own fashion brand, Mandy Baxter Fashion (briefly named Mandy Candy, until learning it was a name for crack). She is recently married to Kristin's former boyfriend, Kyle, and is seen to be more mature in the later seasons.


Mandy begins the show being very self-centered, and conceited; she also isn't very smart. As the season progress, we see Mandy develop into a great human, she begins to work hard for everything she wants. She gets accepted to college, and even begins to make the Deans List. Mandy also begins a fashion line, which is very successful, while still keeping up with her academics.

Mandy also beings a relationship with Kyle, and begins to develop deeper feelings for people, deeper then she even knows. She realizes that she can care deeper for someone else then she does for herself.


Ditzy and not very bookish, Mandy is a very caring girl but can be a little egotistical and insensitive at times because of this. At the beginning of the series, she acted like a typical attention-seeking, lazy, snobbish, selfish, melodramatic, and self-absorbed teenager with an obsession for the Kardashians and was determined to become famous by any means. In the episode Good Cop, Bad Cop, she signed up for a modeling competition and decided to send topless pictures of herself to the agency to up her chances of becoming a celebrity until her father destroyed Travis's phone, which was where the photos were sent.

However, thanks to Mike becoming more involved in his daughters' lives and Mandy dating (and marrying) Kyle, she quickly becomes a much better person and becomes more considerate and less vain than before as a result of their positive influences.

Mandy looked up to her aunt April who was just as egotistical and irresponsible as her niece. However, at the end of April, Come She Will, Mandy starts to see April in a different light and possibly started seeing her as someone who refuses to grow up and make something of herself.


Mandy appears in every episode of the series except for "Tanks for the Memories".

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