Ryan Vogelson is Boyd's father, who got Kristin pregnant in high school. He returned 2 years later to be a father/impact on Boyd's life. He went to college while he skipped town on Kristin and Boyd. He worked at an ice factory for 6 months, and then a beer truck company. During nights he worked as a janitor at Outdoor Man so he could earn some income for Kristin and Boyd. He is considered a sissy irresponsible man by Mike, and is a vegan Democrat, though he has proven to be responsible and a caring father to Boyd on multiple occasions. He often clashes with Mike, with the two of them having arguments and disagreements about parenting, worldly views, politics, and many other things. Ryan loves graphic novels, and has his own podcast with Kyle called "Ry-Ry and Ky-Ky the Sci-Fi Guy-Guys." Ryan also runs Bud's Buds in seasons 7 and 8.

In Season One he was played by Nick Jonas. In Season Two, he was aged three years and portrayed by Jordan Masterson.

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