Season 6 of Last Man Standing was confirmed by ABC on May 13, 2016. The season premiered on September 23, 2016 and concluded on March 30, 2017.

The season premiere date was announced via the official social media pages of Last Man Standing. The series was formally cancelled by ABC on May 10, 2017, [1] though the following year Fox confirmed that they had picked up the show for a seventh season.[2]


  • This was the series final season on ABC
  • The series was cancelled on May 10th, 2017




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# Screenshot Title Date
Papa Bear September 23, 2016
The Outdoor Man Grill is getting ready to host its first Sunday brunch. Kristin has been working hard on it for days, but Ryan feels neglected because she has been spending all of her time at the restaurant preparing every little detail. Before the opening, Mike notices Kyle feeding some stray cats at the loading dock and tells him to stop and get back to work. , Kyle forgets to close the door and a bear enters the warehouse, forcing Mike to try and keep everyone safe. Little do they know, the bear may actually be looking for something.
Gameday Forecast: Showers September 30, 2016
A wedding shower is planned for both Kyle and Mandy, which annoys Mike because it is at the same time as the Chargers-Broncos football game. To make sure he and the guys can watch the game without irritating the women, Mike convinces the couple to hold separate parties. The guys go to Ryan's, but Ryan insists they play party games to honor Kyle instead of watching football. When Kyle is reluctant to disagree with Mike, Ryan explains that he needs to earn Mike's respect by having his own opinions. Meanwhile, Ed insists his superstitious rituals are the reason the Broncos won the Super Bowl the previous season, so he crashes Mandy's shower to watch the game and has the Baxter girls repeat everything they did last year.
Where There's Smoke, There's Ire October 7, 2016
Mike and Vanessa discover that Mandy has started vaping and order her to stop. However, Vanessa decides to give it a try after getting stressed out by a looming teachers' strike, eventually working back up to smoking cigarettes even though she quit 30 years ago. Mike finds out and has to figure out how to get her to kick the habit. Meanwhile, Kristin and Ryan discover a built-in wall safe while they are renovating their basement and enlist Kyle to help them open it.
Boyd Will Be Boyd October 14, 2016
It's Boyd's 10th birthday and Mike is eager to continue the family tradition of giving him a shotgun and taking him hunting. Ryan, who wants Boyd to have nothing to do with hunting or guns, gets Boyd the gun himself, convinced that, when his son sees an animal, he won't shoot. Ryan accompanies Mike and Boyd on their hunting trip and appears to be right, but things are not what they seem. Meanwhile, Vanessa tries to persuade Kyle to do a mother-son dance with her at his and Mandy's wedding.
Trick or Treat October 21, 2016
Vanessa insists that the family finally have the Halloween party they've been suggesting for years and has a reluctant Mike decide the theme. Hoping to make everyone hate it so much that it will be the last party, Mike takes inspiration from Kyle's Ed costume of last year and has the whole family swap roles (Eve and Mandy, Kristin and Ryan, and Vanessa and Kyle), so that they'll make fun of each other. The plan works perfectly, but Mike starts to feel bad when he sees how disappointed Vanessa is at their behavior and feels worse when Chuck arrives and relays news from Carol that Vanessa has been laid off.
A New Place for One of Our People November 4, 2016
Bridezilla vs. The Baxters November 11, 2016
My Father the Car November 18, 2016
Precious Snowflake December 2, 2016
Help Wanted December 9, 2016
  1. Help Wanted
  2. My Name is Rob
  3. Three Sisters
  4. Explorers
  5. A House Divided
  6. The Fixer
  7. The Force
  8. The Friending Library
  9. Take Me to Church
  10. House of Tutor
  11. Heavy Meddle
  12. Bad Heir Day
  13. Shadowboxing


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