I am glad to annouce that I am the new admin of Last Man Standing Wiki. I acedently created another wiki, and when I found this one I adopted it and merged the two communitys together. I would also like to let you know of a few updates I have made.

  1. Design: You may have noticed I changed the wiki for a brown header, to a green header, changed the links from green to blue, and added a larger logo, wordmark, and got a better background to go with it all.
  2. TV Footers: I have removed to ABC footer from the home page and replaced it with the FOX footer. The comody show footers will remain on the page.
  3. Wiki Policy: I created a Wiki Policy so there are set rules in place for this wiki. My goal is to keep the community growing and thriving for many years to come! Click here
  4. The Main Page: The main page has been redesigned, I added Joe & Jen to the caractars, added a section about Helping out and updated the facebook username from lastmanabc to LastManStandingFOX and updated footers.
  5. Updated Navigation: The navigation was never set up on this wiki, I added pages and created a navigation to make it easier to see what all is here.
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